Maritima Lodge No 6444

Other Masonic Orders

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Mark Masons Hall Logo (small thumbnail)Mark Masons' Hall
86 St James’s Street

Mark Masons' Hall Website

Orders Meeting Under Mark Masons' Hall Administration

Order - Mark Mason (small thumbnail)Mark Master Mason                         Order - Royal Ark Mariner (small thumbnail)Royal Ark Mariner

Order - Knights Templar (small thumbnail)Knights Templar                                Order - Knights of Malta (small thumbnail)Knights of Malta

Order - Allied Masonic Degrees (small thumbnail)Allied Masonic Degrees

Order - Secret Monitor (small thumbnail)Order of the Secret Monitor               Order - Scarlet Cord (small thumbnail)Order of the Scarlet Cord

Order - Royal and Select Masters (small thumbnail)Royal and Select Masters

Order - Red Cross of Constantine (small thumbnail)Red Cross of Constantine

Order - KBHC (small thumbnail)Knights Benificent of the Holy City

Other Sovereign Orders

Acon Logo (small thumbnail)St Thomas of Acon

KTP Logo (small thumbnail)Knights Templar Priests & Order of Holy Wisdom

Rose Croix Logo (small thumbnail)Rose Croix

Operatives Logo (small thumbnail)Operatives

SRIA Logo (small thumbnail)Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia          AOL Logo (small thumbnail)August order of Light

Athelstan Logo (small thumbnail)Order of Athelstan

Knight Masons Logo (small thumbnail)Knight Masons

Royal Order of Scotland Logo (small thumbnail)Royal Order of Scotland (Information)